Chase Bank Routing Number By State

Chase Bank routing numbers are allocated on the basis of where the respective Chase Bank accounts are opened. For purposes of allocating routing numbers, Chase Bank has 24 regions. Consequently, there are 24 sets of Chase Bank routing numbers, corresponding to the respective regions. The regions are named after states: thus, there is an Arizona region, a California region, a Florida region… and so on. For each of these regions, there is a Chase Bank ABA routing number. But then, there are 50 states in the USA. It follows, then, that if you search for Chase Routing numbers by state, you won’t actually find routing numbers for some states. This is because the Chase routing numbers are available for only 24 ‘regions’ — yet there are 50 states. But the states for which there appears to be no Chase Bank routing numbers are actually covered under their respective ‘regions’. This is, for instance, where you may find that the Chase Routing number for Washington also covers the District of Columbia. Thus, rather than searching for Chase routing numbers by state, a better idea would be to search for Chase routing numbers by region.

Locating your Chase routing number on a check

It is often said that one of the places where you can find your Chase routing number is on a check. The question that comes up is as to where exactly you can find the routing number. Viewing a voided Chase Bank check, you won’t notice anywhere written ‘routing number’. But the number is there. Where is?

As it turns out, the Chase routing number is the 9-digit number that is found towards the bottom left hand corner of the check. If, for instance, you opened your account in California, the number will probably be 322271627. This covers the ‘California region’ (as distinct from ‘California.state’).

Chase Bank routing numbers online

Another way in which you can be able to locate your Chase Bank account routing number is by going online. As long as you know the region where you opened your Chase Bank account, you will be locate the routing number online with ease. The address/URL for the webpage on the Chase Bank website where you can find the respective Chase Bank routing numbers is indicated below, in the ‘links section’ of this article.

Below too, are the respective Chase Bank routing numbers by region:

Routing number: 122100024

Routing number: 322271627

Routing number: 102001017

Routing number: 021100361

Routing number: 267084131

Routing number: 061092387

Routing number: 123271978

Routing number: 071000013

Routing number: 074000010

Routing number: 083000137

Routing number: 065400137

Routing number: 072000326

Routing number: 322271627

New Jersey
Routing number: 021202337

New York (downstate)
Routing number: 021000021

New York (upstate)
Routing number: 022300173

Routing number: 044000037

Routing number: 103000648

Routing number: 325070760

Routing number: 111000614

Routing number: 124001545

Routing number: 325070760

West Virginia
Routing number: 051900366

Routing number: 075000019